Statement by CCI in Response to the January 18 Broadcast of 48 Hours


International adoption is a challenging and complex prospect for the families who pursue it and the agencies that assist with those adoptions. CCI has helped thousands of parents  and children unite in loving, happy homes, and CCI’s high standards have prevented illegal or improper adoptions in the past.


It is sad and unfortunate that the network of Walter Cronkite has degraded into supermarket tabloidism.  In its January 18 report on international adoptions, CBS News and 48 Hours could have examined the deplorable and heartbreaking world of child trafficking and illegal adoption, a problem of global proportions.


Instead, they chose to rely on opinion and innuendo in an effort to vilify CCI rather than relying on fact and research involving two families who succeeded in their international adoptions. Every action undertaken by CCI in those cases was entirely legal; investigations by the State of Florida found no merit to various complaints against CCI and no misconduct; and every single adoption was approved by the US Department of State.


We are thankful to have helped so many children find permanent, loving families and we enjoy having seen these children thrive over the past decade.