The Story of Ruth, Rebeca and Rachel

     A gentle missionary man went to one of our orphanages  last January and fell in love with three little girls that as soon as he saw them he felt moved to sponsor them. By doing that, his long time ago desire that all his biological children would have biblical names all starting with the same letter was granted that day.  Why?

     Because not knowing this girls name, just because he fell in love by looking at them, and moved to sponsor them,  he later found out their names all started with the letter R and biblical names at that.

     God had taken into account his wish of so many years ago.  Amazing how his long time ago desire was granted by our loving God.  One of the girls Ruth, hanged on to him for dear life all the time he was at the orphanage, it was instant love of souls. The orphanage director commented they had never seeing anything like that.  You can see by the photos!!!    This is a testimony of how the LORD answers the desire of our heart at HIS timing and in the least expected way.   (Psalm 37:4) How awesome can that be!!!  Praise his Holy Name!!!