As a matter of protection for the children, CCI has opted not to name the orphanages it works with in Guatemala.

This Orphanage  houses approximately 250 children, from infants to 18 years old in a compound of ten different homes.  You can sponsor one of them for $30 a month which together with other donations will help give this children shelter, clothing, education (all their basic needs) plus an environment of a home with a mother and father figure who instill in them the Christian values.

While not required, sponsors are encouraged to write to their children. Communication with these children is essential to their self-worth so that they know that someone in this world loves them. Letters can be mailed or e-mailed to CCI and we will translate them for you. Sponsors generally receive updated pictures of their child at least once per year.


Children In Need of a Sponsor

Jefferson Escobar

Maria del Rosario Angeles

Abigail Mancilla

Antoni Menchu Martinez

Antoni is eleven years old.  He was abandoned by his father after taking him from his mother in Nicaragua.  The courts have tried to find the mother or any other relatives that would take care of the boy but to no avail so for the part three years he has been under the care of the orphanage.  He is a sweet gentle boy, who behaves very well,  likes to study and have make good friends his age. He says likes being there.

Israel Isaias Medina

Israel was born in February 4, 2007. He was being abused by his alcoholic father hitting him with barbwire and the mother did nothing Social services to save the life of this boy had to place him in the orphanage. He is physically and emotionally scared. Caretakers says he is a very tender boy always looking for acceptance and love. He is in first grade and has good grades because he likes to go to school and likes to learn.

Genesis Rodriguez

GÉNESIS RODRIGUEZ  born February 8, 2011. She was admitted to the orphanage at age three with her teenage mother who seek asylum because the child and mother were both being physically abused by the father because she became pregnant.  The mother escaped with her baby daughter all the way from Mexico. They did not have where to go in Guatemala and the orphanage gave them shelter for as long as they want….

Emanuel Castellanos

Emanuel Castellanos  was admitted at the orphanage in 2012 with his mother due to  intense physical abuse his father was inflicting upon him that  almost killed him. The father also abused very bad the wife and they fled their home  to seek refuge in the orphanage.  Emanuel was born March 31 of 2010.  He is five year old now.  He is going to kinder and loves it.  He likes playing ball (soccer) with the little ones

Jose Sucunun Chan

Jose Sucunun Chan was born January 2, 2008. His mother suffers from mental illness and not being able to take care of her son she gave them to relatives to take care of him, but after a while they abandon him to the Minors court to place him in an institution. He has been at the orphanage for two years now. He did not behave well at the begining but now he is getting more use to his new environment.


Sponsored Children