Welcome to CCI’s newest humanitarian aid and child sponsorship program! 

Junior Color

This program is still undergoing changes as we encountered a new project that we have called “Four the Love”. Please feel free to ask us any questions you have about this project and the progress that has resulted from your support!

You can direct any questions to Julie@celebratechildren.org and she will be happy to talk to you.


BIBLE Christmas project!!



CCI is currently preparing for our January Humanitarian Aid trip to Haiti. The children of Haiti were asked what they wanted most for themselves and instead of toys, clothing or even food, their answer was they wanted their very own Bible. Amazed by this simple request and hunger for God’s Word, CCI has set out to honor their requests. Would you consider donating toward the cost of one Creole Bible? The purchase price is $7.50 USD, but any amount will be helpful! Donate what you can, be it a penny or $1,000. Every donation is useful in God’s Kingdom! We will be purchasing the Bibles in Haiti, which will also help support their local economy. To donate using Paypal, please use this button: 



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Haiti Quick Facts (from CNN): http://edition.cnn.com/2013/10/17/world/americas/haiti-fast-facts/